Is Onion Smart? Hardly.

Is Onion, my sixteen-pounds-and-still-lean kitty, smart? Hardly. We have had him for over two years now, and in that time, he has had ample opportunity to learn from his older cohort, Oskar. Oskar knows how to pull open cupboard doors, push doors open into rooms, scale to the highest points in every room, and drink from faucets. None of this is rocket science, but simple or not, Onion has not learned to do any of it.

It is not surprising, because he has only mastered one physical action for demanding our attention / getting under a blanket / opening the top of a bag: he hits whatever he wants to maniplate with a downward motion of his paw. If patting things repeatedly actually achieved anything, he would be an incredibly successful cat, but one look at his eyes will tell you that he is a huge, lovable, cuddly, and completely blank slate.

I apologize for the darkness of the following video, but I did not have time to find my camera, check its energy level, AND set up appropriate lighting once Onion started swimming along the windowsill in an effort to squish himself under the windowframe. It is much more clear if you watch it in the dark. I missed the most sincere of his efforts to push his huge self under the window, but you can at least get a taste of his adorable lack of smarts.

His kind of stupid delights me.

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