Five Star Friday: Edition #23

The following video has nothing whatsoever to do with Five Star Friday, but I thought it would be unjust of me not to pass along a homemade video made using stop animation with Lego to Rammstein's, the German industrial band, "Feuer Frei".

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Bon appetit!

"The Slower Way" from Yarn Harlot

"Guest Post: Brandy, the World's Dumbest Beagle" by Britpoptarts at I, Asshole

"Sarah Palin: Disability Advocate or Rhetorical Cloud?" from Lovely and Amazing

"A Few Words About Writing" from Finslippy

"Framework" from The QC Report

"I Want" from IzzyMom

"Break Our Legs!" from Robertianish

"Wal-Mart, Women, and Wanting" from The Gentleman Savant

"Hello, I Love You, Won't You Tell Me Your Name?" from Geese Aplenty

"School Blues Anyone?" from Things I've Found in Pockets

"Meet My Mom and Dad" from Uncouth Heathen

"52 Days and a Dented Can. Or: My Body, For Life." from Jurgologie

"Not Exactly How I Pictured a Princess" from Party of 3

"Frosh" from Motherbumper

"A Balloon That's About to Burst" from ...The Almost Right Word

"Everything Your Heart Already Knows" from Jen Lemen

"Community Organization Is a Conservative Notion" from A VC

"The Disloyal Apposition" from Ken Jennings

"Matchmaker: Toilet Paper Style" from Year of the Chick

"An Inconvenient Youth" from Watts Up With That?

"The Summer of 2001" from Binary Trash

"Questions" from Random Thoughts of a Zombie

"September 11, 2001" from The Little Things

"Jabberwocky" from Little White Liar

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