Here, There, And Everywhere

48b - plane wing

I am one busy little beaver today:

  • My first post for MamaPop is up: "I ♥ Kristy McNichol". I am so honoured to be welcomed into the talented team of writers that contribute to MamaPop's perspective on pop culture. From now on, you will be able to find me there every Friday afternoon.

  • The 18th edition of Five Star Friday, my other baby, is out and ready for the reading. As I already said over there: "There is some seriously serious good writing going on in this week's round of Five Star Friday. I am just about high from reading through the submissions."

  • And I have a wedding to rush off to! And I've decided to wear the heaviest outfit that this sweltering weather will allow without putting me into a coma! There's no "Schmutzie" in "smart"!

  • 50x365 #322: Tenzin

    Five Star Friday: Edition #18