Five Star Friday: Edition #18

There is some seriously serious good writing going on in this week's round of Five Star Friday. I am just about high from reading through the submissions. Breathe in deeply. Can you smell it? No? Neither can I. It makes you wonder, though, what the internet would smell like if it had a smell.

Dive in.

"Best Scooter Ever" from The Bloggess

"How I Got My Book of Mormon" from The Nervous Axon

"My First Pair of Patent Leather Shoes" from Chai & Punjabis

"Withering Heights" from Suburban Kamikaze

"Why Bother With the Birds and the Bees When You Can Just Scare the Hell Out of Them?" from Loralee's Looney Tunes

"Bad Psychic" from Psychicgeek

"The Facebook Facebeg Experience" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"Don't Breathe On Me" from Magneto Bold Too!

"Exposed" from The Typing Makes Me Sound Busy

"An Imaginary Conversation Featuring Objects in the Rental Apartment I'm Staying In" from Glark

"I Don't Know Dinner" from Between Too Little and Too Much

"Awkward Silence Popped the Cherry... Tomato" from Ice Cream Is Nice Cream

"North by Northeast" from Well Read Hostess

"Internalizing the "Catfight" Moniker" from Elisa Camahort's Personal Weblog

"Paul Newman On My Mind" from Rockbridge Times

"To Lulz or Not to Lulz: That Is the Question" from Sweetney

"Therefore Do Not Worry About Tomorrow, For Tomorrow Will Worry About Itself'" from Joy Unexpected

"What Makes Your Heart Sing (And Other Cliches)" from Awkwardly Social

"Big and Little" from Friday Playdate

"Baader-Meinhof" from /thepenismightier\

Until next week's edition of Five Star Friday, make sure to give wonderful writers their due.

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