Five Star Friday: Edition #21

Last night, I had a dream about platypus rabbits. They were at once very cute and stunningly creepy. Rabbits should never have bills or poisonous spurs on their hind legs.

I just wrote that to illustrate why you are here. That up there? Boring. No one wants to read about someone else's dreams. Those down below? Engaging. Those are excellent posts written by excellent writers that you do want to read.

Not that I needed to tell you why you are here, because you are already here, and you probably came here on purpose.

So, read and be happy!

"Swim, Baby, Swim" from PAPATV

"Ballerinas Who Have Fins That You'll Never Find" from Davka: Deer Girl Medicine

"Better Together: I Can Help You Help Yourself, Amazon!" from Deb on the Rocks

"Canonical Sandwichery" from Isoglossia

"Holding on to My Breasts" from Morningside Mom

"The Revenge of the Vacuum Cleaner" from Barking Mad

"Glimpses, Because It's Been A While" from There's a New Monarchy in Town

"Whatever Happened to Family Values?" from Cry It Out

"Hot Blogger Calendar and Social Media for Social Change" from Lucas on Sports

"So I Got a Box in the Mail Filled with 80 Body Parts" from The Bloggess

"The Backpack" from XUP

"Use of Nouns" from the Palinode

"Sorry for Making You Google So Many Things" from Flurrious

"Soapbox: The Catalyst" from SchnozzFest

"Dear Mrs. Kennedy" from Fussy

"The Long Appointment" from Creating Motherhood

"She Suffers" from Knotty Yarn

"McCain to Obama Supporters: 'Get a Life!'" from Confessions of an Aca-Fan: The Official Weblog of Henry Jenkins

"Yeah, Well YOUR Mom Is a Lunch Box Sniffer..." from IzzyMom

"Girl Among Women" from Ruthless in the Suburbs

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Until next week, g^is revido! (I'm waxing Esperanto).

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