Help! Help! Timmy's In The Well!

Okay, I know that it is the end of summer, and if you've got kids, they're heading back to school, and whether you do or not, there are probably a ton of things that you want to get done aside from hang out on the internet, but I want you to think of those of us who are still inside, diligently typing out superb writing with no one around to appreciate it. We are craftspeople! We are artists! We need validation!

I have to admit that I have only received two, that's TWO, links for this week's edition of Five Star Friday, so put down that lawnmower, grilling cookbook, toddler, what-have-you and help affirm a weblog author's hard work with a bit of spotlight. Send me a link to an excellent weblog entry that you read this week, or ever really, and I will include it in the 19th edition of Five Star Friday tomorrow morning.

I look forward to your submissions!

50x365 #328: Sarah

Seeking Psychological Wellness In Order To Avoid Doing More Laundry