Five Star Friday: Edition #17

"The Devil Made Them Do It..." from Binary Trash

"A Fickle Aquifer in Our Path" from Sweet Juniper!

"'See, There's a Small Mark Right There...'" from

"A Tale of Two Cities" from Hip Suburban White Guy

"The Grandkids" from The Wind in Your Vagina

"Chef of the North: An Interview with Karen Peters" from 3 Quarks Daily

"Daddy Don't Want Me" from Immoral Matriarch

"Guns and Butter" from Anthony Bourdain's Blog

"Monopoly Money, aka The Rant to End All Rants" from All or Nothing

"In Memory of Randy Pausch: Inspirational Videos to Watch When You Are in a Rut" from Frugal Dad

"Welcome to Analogy Fight Club" from Deb on the Rocks

"In Which I Drink Coffee Alone" from Yarn Harlot

"I'm a Petite Little Ball of Rage" from The Everyday Adventures of Me in the City

"Relationships are a Motherfucker" from Tales of Wit and Charm

"Life Lessons" from Mrs. Fussypants Guide to Life

"Drunk Algebra" from The Bloggess

"Safety in Numbers" from Heartache or Heartburn?

"Leftovers - As Good as the Love which You Reheat" from A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm

"Dove - Evolution Commercial" from Everything Health

"You Mean Everyone Doesn't Cook Their Children?" from Mrs. Mogul


Until next week's edition of Five Star Friday, make sure to give wonderful writers their due. (There has been a slight change to the rules of submission, and now self-submissions will no longer be accepted. I hesitated to do this, because it is not a matter of quality. I simply want to keep this site as a place of giving).

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