Five Star Friday: Lucky Edition #13

It is very hot. I can't even come up with a better descriptive word other than "very".

I saw this movie when I was a kid that took place during the Vietnam war, and one of the soldiers exclaimed about how hot and wet it was, and all the others started talking dirty about women, so now every time someone says how hot it is, I think of this soldier holding a metal helmet in his hands and talking dirty.

We don't have air conditioning. That's my excuse. My brain is heat-befuddled.

Happy Friday!

"The Salad Days" from Hah!

"Of Boobs and Ubs (ooobs)" from Jillieofthevalley's Write

"Three Years, One Month, and Ten Days Ago" from Finslippy

"How to Listen to Gangsta Rap with Children Around" from Kirida

"Circle" from Oblivio

"Commitment-phobe's Guide to 'I Love You'" from FanFrickingtastic

"320" from A Softer World

"One Man's Trash Can..." from At Home Redesigns

"The 2AM Rapper" from Citizen of the Month

"Sitting Pretty on the Porta Potty" from Life is Good

"Dear Satan" from The Wind in Your Vagina

"What to Do When Attacked by a Swinger" from Mamalogues

"My One-Eyed Girl" from Tales of Wit and Charm

"You Know You're Drunk When..." from Chelsea Talks Smack

"Absolute #1 Worst Line of 'The Happening', Even Allowing for the Fact That Some of the Dialogue is Spoken by Children, Which This Line is Not" from In Palinode's Palace

"When Women and Men Collide in the Workplace" from Licensed to Blog

"Then Leaf Subsides to Leaf" from Kiwords

"A Poem of Mine!" from Forgive Me While I Crash

"My Dead Are Better than Yours" from Nathalie with an H's Confessional

"Immediate Execution" from Dreaming In Javascript

"Sneak Attack" from You Are Flawed If You Are Not Free

"English Speaking Am I" from Sex and the Hamlet

"Baby Can't You See, I'm Drowning?" from Pretty Baby

"Good Shoes Gone Bad" from Mrs. Who's Open Book

"Rite of Passage" by Jim Griffioen from Sweet Juniper at Dooce

"Dirty Little Secret" from Woman in a Window

"It Ain't Me, Babe" from The QC Report

"TMI? Maybe. But Who Doesn't Love an Awkward Story?" from Stylish Handwriting

"The Hues and Overtones of Manic Depression" by Jb from Another Chance to Get It Right at RealMental

It's still hot, and I'm still thinking about that damn soldier from that movie. Now is the kind of time when I could use a vintage Disney movie.

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