Five Star Friday: Edition #16

I am back from the BlogHer '08 conference in San Francisco, and I am convinced now more than ever that social media and, in particular, weblogs are a powerful cultural force with which to be reckoned. I took part in the BlogHer Community Keynote on the first night of the conference and was humbled by the twenty-one other people with whom I took the stage. There are so many excellent writers out there who freely share of their experiences and talents with the world, and it is a gift that I will not look in the mouth.

Thank you all for spreading the word.

"Sybil in the House" from Scary Mommy

"Advice for Flying" from Alex Year Two

"The Life You Save May Be Your Own" from Jen Lemen

"How to Separate Beauty from Elegance" from One Paragraph at a Time

"The New Adventures of Old Christine" from Little Voice

"Unsubscribe Part 2: Deactivation of the F#ceb**k" from Smyrish

"I Sometimes Have Trouble Enjoying Myself" from Hah!

"Just Girl Stuff" from Abigail's Road to Nowhere

"I Like My Problems" from This is Not Going to Help

"The Creative Mind Phenomenon" from The Queen of Shake-Shake

"Spinster Aunt Wipes Tear from Eye" from I Blame the Patriarchy

"The Book of Saturday..." from Driving the Flies

"Who Needs Doctors?" from Saudi Jeans

"Smoke from a Distant Fire" from The QC Report

"Pickle Me This" from Her Bad Mother

"Written to Pass the Time on the Flight Home Yesterday" from All & Sundry

"What's Happened to Us?" from Karen Sugarpants

"Testaments - Number Ten" by Jenn from You Are Flawed if You are Not Free at Half Deserted Streets

"To the Little Girl on the Stairs" from Two Hands Full

"Where I Live: Day Five (Bird on a Wire)" from Total Constant Order

"Spoiled, Not Stupid" from Queen of Spain

"BlogHer '08" from Pause...

Until next Friday comes around, give wonderful writers their due and send me links to good posts you've found for the coming edition of Five Star Friday.

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Until then!

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