Photographs Of The Few BlogHer Attendees Of Whom I Remembered To Take Pictures

When I packed for the BlogHer '08 conference in San Francisco, I decided to bring along both my Olympus Stylus 790 SW and my Panasonic Lumix FZ20. I had this idea that I would do my drunken, willy nilly shooting with the small and durable Stylus, and that I would take time to shoot much better photos sober with the Lumix. I was obviously (drunk and) filled with the bevolent spirit of wishful thinking when I packed my suitcase before heading to the conference.

I spent the entire weekend hauling my heavy-ass laptop around, and so my larger Lumix never even made it out of the suitcase. As a result, I ended up shooting what photos I remembered to take with the Stylus, a pocket-sized camera with which I am not overly familiar. Translation: I shot every single photo on the "available light" setting and was often tipsy enough to forget to hold still while I snapped.

Welcome to the fuzzy and grainy shots of the few people I remembered to snatch pictures of in between cocktails at BlogHer '08. (Links to the individuals' websites are listed below their pictures).

3 - Welcome Session

4 - Her Bad Mother
Her Bad Mother and son

5 - Sweetney and No Pasa Nada
Sweetney and No Pasa Nada

6 - Oh, The Joys
Oh, The Joys

16 - Jess from Drowning In Kids and Angela from Fluid Pudding
Drowning in Kids and Fluid Pudding

13 - Suebob, Poot and Cubby, and Casey from Moosh In Indy
Red Stapler, Poot and Cubby, and Moosh in Indy

15 - Kristin from Better Now
Better Now

20 - Community Keynote - backstage
No Pasa nada, Fluid Pudding, Joy Unexpected, Suburban Turmoil, BlogHer's Elisa Camahort, and Deb on the Rocks

23 - Community Keynote - backstage
Evany and The Bloggess

26 - Community Keynote - backstage

28 - Kyran Pittman loves her some bread
Notes to Self

29 - Mrs. Flinger, Dutch Blitz, and Deb Roby
Mrs. Flinger, Dutch Blitz, and Deb Roby

30 - Whoorl


32 - Crummy Cupcake
Crummy Cupcake

34 - Bipolar Lawyer Cook

36 - JenB and Lucy's Spleen
Jenandtonic and Lucy's Spleen

37 - Leahpeah

40 - party at Macy's - Letter B
Letter B

45 - Sparksfley

Christian The Lion

My Brain Beef Hooked