A New Cellphone, Cat Play, And American Money

living room american money

The Palinode brought home a little gift today for my trip to the BlogHer '08 conference: a cellphone.

I have never owned a cellphone, and, though I am loathe to admit it now that I actually giggled and cuddled the cellphone against my cheek two hours ago, I have been a bit snobby about it. I have said things like cellphones give you cancer and why would I want one when I'm already annoyed by the telephone at home? Yes, I was one of those. What a git.

If I count this as one of my cameras, I think that brings the number to something like six. I hate the number six. I'd better get another camera, pronto.

feet finger

On a completely unrelated note, do you know what I have discovered? If you stick sheets of that sticky lint roller paper to the bottoms of a cat's feet, the cat makes crazy karate moves and then stomps across the floor like it's goosestepping in snowshoes. That totally beat my other option tonight, which was to pay $10 to go to a movie where I would likely have to listen to people chew their food.

Also, I would like to add this short note:

Dear United States of America,

Your money looks funny, like it was just pulled out of a vintage board game box.
How many bills would I have to rub on my gums before I got high on cocaine?


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