Five Star Friday: Edition #9

This week, I am preambleless. I am without preamble.

I thought to myself You (because I talk to myself like I and myself are different people) should write some preamble to today's Five Star Friday. You could pat yourself on the back for mostly getting the capitalization in the titles right this time around and then make some inappropriate sexual references. I started typing that out, but it bored me, and I am very easily amused, so if it bored me, it was going to boring you to death.

So, there you go. That's my story about my lack of preamble, except, now, there it is all up there and preambling. What do you know.

Happy Five Star Friday!

"An Open Letter to Tim Kring" from The Fishbowl

"I'll Take Utter Humiliation for $400 Please" from Queen of the Mayhem

"My Mascara Smells Like Chocolate" from Mrs. Who's Open Book

"Vignette" from Jillieofthevalley's Write

"2005-05-30" from Mimi Smartypants

"Cover Letter: The Unwritable Letter" from Dustpan Alley

"Where My Eyes Go" from Falling Away's blog

"Sunday YouTube: 21 Accents" from Don't Try This At Home

"Mr. A's Food Blog" from American Family

"Everyone I Know Is Fat: Day Four" from CJ.ESQ

"Yes, I AM Miss Moneypenny!" from LawyerChick

"Altercation with the Crazies, Part IV" from Candy's Corner

"Early Birthday Present from My Sister" from Fat Cyclist

"An Abrupt Change of Subject" from Dooce

"Walkin' Down Memory Lane" from Life Is Good

"All Dogs Go to Heaven. For Molly, It Took 18+ Years." from

"June 05, 2008" from Trevor's Blog

"'Til Do I Part" from Mommy Pie

"Still Life with Chair" from Three Woofs and a Woo

"What Are You Looking For? from All the Wine

"Projecting" from Joy Unexpected

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Thanks for making this place fabulous.

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