I have been favoured with TWO awards. I am a rock star today.

Blogtations Award - March 2008The first award was given to me for being voted the most favourite quote in March. The quote is about an incident that was embarrassing at the time, but I can live with that if glue accidents can make you famous:
"... I glued myself to a tacky Christmas ornament at work in July and spent two hours trying to help customers without letting on that my right-handed self had a ceramic puppy driving a choo-choo train glued to her right hand."

Thanks, Blogtations!

I Love You This Much AwardThis second award was bestowed upon me by Average Jane, and it originated from Emila's Illustrated Blog.

The participation rules are simple:
1. If you have received this award, write a post with links to all the blogs that you love.
2. Link to Emila's original award post so that others can easily find the source of the award.

This one's easy. Go to my blogroll and visit everyone there twice. So, everyone on my blogroll, grab that badge and love some people up.

Thanks, Average Jane!

I am off to procure a feather boa now.

50x365 #258: K. L.

Submit To My Will. You Know You Want To.