Five Star Friday: Edition #12

I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada in a hotel room typing with two fingers on one of the tiniest computers I've ever used, an Asus EEE 701. Its size is forcing me to use the hunt-and-peck method of typing while I peer at a 7-inch screen, which is no good for my neck after spending six hours in the car listening to my parents bicker over directions. I think it's time for me to kick back with some complimentary hotel coffee and watch a crime show about serial rapists.

Here's to your Friday being better than mine! Happy Five Star Friday!

Myfacekirtsylicioustumblespacebooktwitteruponmake It Stop!
" from Memarie Lane

"If Websites Are Like Cars, Then Where Are the Jiffy Lubes?" from Dopp Juice

"Quick Movie Reviews" from Micah World

"A Love Story" from Stop Screaming I'm Driving!

"He's at the What Club Now?" from Monkey Disaster

"Some of My Roommates in London" by People in the Sun at Indie Bloggers

"Bleach" from Smyrish

"What to Do When the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off. Get Your Purse." from Mrs. Who's Open Book

"Honing My Parenting Skills, One Barbie at a Time" from Andria and Co.

"Listen, Dammit." from Looky, Daddy!

"Wii Just Want You to Be Happy" from Finslippy

"Brutally Honest Monday" from Momma's Tantrum

"Imagine Freedom" from flyturtlefly.

"Has Anyone Seen My Keys? With an Extremely Ironic Twist" from The Bean

"Just Call Her Ponzi" from American Family

"Dawn of Politics, Vol. II" from Popehat

"Mi'ma'amakim" from Oh, the Joys

"The Wrong Apartment 1H" from Citizen of the Month

"Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" from Darren Barefoot

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