The First Honestly Beautiful Saturday Afternoon In 2008 In Pictures

men with guitars, both fake and real
One of these things is not like the other.

That_Girl rocks the hotness.

like a kid at the pool
In an alternate universe,
she is a six-year-old kid at the pool.

like an inbred uncle
This is his alternate universe.

La femme fatale is felt up from a distance.

two brothers and a tiny bike 1 two brothers and a tiny bike 3
No tiny bicycles were swallowed
by butts in the making of these photos.

She is a cute-ay patoot-ay.

blowing bubbles
The Palinode blows bubbles. He is also a cute-ay patoot-ay.

dollar store glasses
He impersonates a mad scientist/swimmer/six-year-old
with hypertrichosis.

Yes, looking at ketchup can be a religious experience,
especially when you've been drinking in the hot sun.

hilarious smoking
I think my camera is in love with her.

more bubbles
And her.

Wes Bentley 1 Wes Bentley 2
Wes Bentley is here doing a movie. He sat with us through
the afternoon and bought a round of beer. I pretended
not to be the loser taking photographic proof.

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