Four Announcements

  1. Pete Dunn of Fiddley Gomme fame interviewed me on Sunday afternoon as the inaugural podcast for his new show, BLOW (Blogger Love On Wednesday).

    Click here to listen to my surprisingly girly voice for a half hour or so.

  2. Catnip of Catnip and Coffee fame has started a relatively new project called ChapterBytes, which is a novel in progress in the Chick Lit genre that is being written chapter by chapter by several different authors. I am one of them! I was flattered that Catnip asked me to help with this project, because I rarely write fiction, and it gave me the opportunity to stretch myself in an area of writing that intimidates me.

    Click here to read the chapter that I wrote, Chapter Three.

  3. What else? Oh, yeah. I'M GOING TO BLOGHER '08. I know that I have said it before, but I still can't really believe it even after registration, flight bookings, and receiving my business cards for the conference. I'm going. People are going to see my face. Or at least the potted palm it will be hiding behind.
  4. Also, I will be guest posting at Sweetney sometime this week. She is the generous laptop and bedspace-at-BlogHer donor that has made in possible for me to attend the conference, so you should visit her site and wax rhapsodic over her patent awesomeness.

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