I've Been Interviewed By Pete Dunn

I just finished recording a podcast with Pete Dunn of Fiddley Gomme, and, no, I did not have a coronary. Thanks for asking.

I am horrible when it comes to the telephone. The Palinode and I rarely answer it when it rings. We prefer to grimace in the telephone's direction and loudly complain that someone actually had the gall to dial our number. As a result, our voice message box is usually full. When I emptied it in March, there were messages from as far back as November. I am sorry Judy-from-some-company-or-other who left three messages, we do not want to give you our personal information for this so-called free trip to the Caribbean you say we won. Thanks for trying to rip us off.

As you can imagine, then, my mouth went completely dry when I received Pete's e-mail asking if I wanted to do a podcast with him via a recorded telephone conversation. I also felt like crawling out of my own skin, but I am trying to put myself in socially scary situations on purpose these days, so I told him I would. This is how I also ended up submitting a couple of entries for the BlogHer Community Keynote at the BlogHer '08 conference in San Francisco this July. Jen asked me if I was submitting something for the keynote, and, in the midst of some involuntary facial twitching, I agreed to do it.

Anxiety schmanxiety, I say. If I have to walk around with socks on my hands to keep from clawing my own face off, so be it. I am going to get over my fear of being looked at in public, or at least turn down the volume.

As it turns out, I felt pretty comfortable talking with Pete. We chatted for about an hour, and he asked questions that were easy for me to prattle on about. Cancer? Growing up Mennonite? Why Canada is awesome? I could write whole books about each of those things. I think Pete probably figured that out when I kept talking over him. He would get one syllable into a sentence, and I would go Blah blah blah blah blah... [cue my nervous laughter]. Oops.

Head over to Fiddley Gomme on Wednesday, and you will be able to hear me, Schmutzie, and Pete Dunn in his inaugural podcast called "Blogger Love On Wednesday". If you have ever wanted to know what a Schmutzie sounds like, now you'll know. Eep.

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