Five Star Friday: Edition #10

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to post this edition of Five Star Friday at it's usually scheduled midnight publishing time. My apologies.

Happy Friday!

"Dream Following: the Literal Translation" from Electrolicious

"Lurking in the Jenny Chat Room" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"Yes, I'm the Butt of the Joke" from Send Chocolate

"Waiting for a Cab" from In Palinode's Palace

"What's Grosser than Gross?!" from United State of Motherhood

"The Hive Mind" from a guest post by Tammy T. at Bokashi Blog

"On Becoming a Woman - A Tale of Many Unspeakable Dangers" from Blinky's Musings

"The Three Best Bits of Relationship Advice I've Ever Been Given" from Dooce

"Huck Weave Waltz" from Time Czar

"Three Trees" from Selma in the City

"Apologies Don't End Racism" from CJ.ESQ

"Priceless" from Mrs. Who's Open Book

"In Honour of Hangy-Down Boobies" from Things I've Found in Pockets

"My Life Calling as a Wino" from Tales of Wit and Charm

"10 Things NOT to Talk About at a Cocktail Party" from That Cool Broad

"The Best Job I've Ever Had" from Scary Mommy

"Every Sidekick Needs a Superhero, and She Was Mine" from House of Jules

"Jobs I Sometimes Wish I Had" from Geese Aplenty

"I'll Take a Size Peeved, in Blue" from TurtleHead

"Dweams and Bwook Twout" from Sweet | Salty

"Monkey You Should Know" from Say La Vee

"Survival Tips for the Middle Ages" from

"The Car Wash: The Dirtiest Mini Van" from Joeprah

"The Stump Man" from In Other Words

"A Night of Hospitality Hell" from Dirty Laundry Diva

"Biography and Myth" from Touch Touch Publishing

"Give a Hoot. Clean Up When Others Pollute" from Ramblings by Reba

"Family History" from Du Wax Loolu

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Thanks for another excellent week at Five Star Friday.

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