Things To Point Out

It's already been up there for almost a week, but it hit me today that most of you never visit my actual site and instead prefer to read the text removed from its context within the fabulous template, which is of my own creation, so I thought I would write a terrificly long sentence to tell you that you should come to my actual website and take a look at this month's masthead. It is raining, but my birdies? They are so happy.

Also, I have this new link right up there under the masthead that leads to the Suggestion Box. You might find me self-flagellating and tearing my hair out (what is long enough to grab a hold of) later when some twits decide it will be all funny to suggest I eat more cock or do something more important with my life like save the Arctic's Layson Albatross from their own stupid habit of getting killed by things while sleeping in mid-flight.

The purpose of the Suggestion Box, though, is to find out what you want to know about or what you want to know more about, and the vast majority of you people are truly very nice and know how to use a person's suggestion box appropriately and with respect, especially when said person's suggestion box is all new and virgin-like and in need of decent treatment so that it does not grow into a bitter shell that balks at the very thought of anyone even daring to hit its submit button. Right now, it is a wide-eyed little fledgling of a thing, batting its eyelashes at passers-by and hoping for lollipops.

Thirdly, I received my bi-monthly e-mail from Photojojo which has the Photo Time Capsule of my photos from approximately one year ago. It made me immediately pissy about the 14°C (61°F) weather that I was enjoying until that moment:

friends sharing

That picture was taken out on a deck at night about a year ago. Last year at this time it was warm enough to do that, but this year, it is still going down to about 5°C (41°F) at night, if not colder, and I doubt anyone is going to be sharing icy drinks outside tonight unless they're homeless.

The weather and I are going to have to have a serious sit-down about this, especially since I already have to close my living room window at 6:22 p.m. because it is getting too cold to have it open, even though the sun is still out. It's fucking May! And I want my deck drinks!

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