Five Star Friday: Edition #8

Five Star Friday is now two months old! My excitement over this minor anniversary is tempered, though, by my inability to properly capitalize titles.

It has been brought to my attention that my habit of capitalizing the first letter of Every Single Word In A Title is incorrect and should be stopped. The person who so kindly pointed out my capitalization issue directed me to a site that explains capitalization in simple terms and also inquired as to why a writer like myself would not have confronted this issue years ago.

My excuse? Canada's mediocre attempt at bilingualism. In Canada, we tout our bilingual status, yet eight straight years of French language instruction has yielded me little more than the ability to read both languages on the back of a box of breakfast cereal.

How does this have anything to do with my ability to capitalize, you ask? Well, the French have a complicated system of capitalization rules, which mostly states that the majority of words in titles are not capitalized. Between my French and English classes in high school, I lost track of my titular bearings and never encountered a teacher who gave enough of a rat's ass about capitalization rules to bother boring us with them, so here I am, inappropriately capitalizing titles at thirty-five years of age.

Sadly, due to laziness, the following Five Star Friday submissions are rife with my old, bad capitalization habits.

And I call myself a writer.

Oh, right, it's Five Star Friday! On with the show:

"In Which I Am Shocked... SHOCKED..." from Somewhere On The Masthead

"Goodnight John Boy" from 5 Ballerinas Named Moe

"If Jeopardy Were Written By Parents" from The Busy Dad Blog

"L.L. Uncool J(eans)" from That's What She Blogged

"Oops, I Pooped My Pants" from Reality Check

"Me At The Beach. No, I'm Serious." from Ducks Of Happiness

"Rush Hour" from Inner City Snail

"Everyone I Know Is Fat: Day One" from CJ.ESQ

"Shock Therapy" from Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper

"Playing Ball" from Just Another Ink-Stained Wretch

"Dream On" from Momma's Tantrum

"Sophie" from Okay, Fine, Dammit

"Caught Short" from Killing A Fly With A Ukulele Is Probably The Wrong Thing To Do

"In Flanders Fields" from Sterkworks

"Your Worst Nightmare" from She Just Walks Around With It

"The Art Of Positive Parenting" from

"Most Spam Is Better Than This..." from June Cleaver Nirvana

"Fragility" from I Should Be Folding Laundry

"Many (Too Many) Meetings" from Tales From The Microbial Laboratory

"My Life As An Internet Addict" from Scary Mommy

"When Fish Therapy Does Not Mean Having Fish As A Regular Part Of Your Diet..." from In The Line Of Wire

"I'll Be Right Here" from Sweetney

"Secret Noodles Supreme-o" from

"She" from Her Bad Mother

"Practice" from Wild Rumpus

"Time Keeps On Slipping" from Moogie's World

"A Brief Note About Pregnancy" from Mighty Girl

"Godless Sunday" from Godless Sunday

"Let's Not Talk About Sex And Pretend We Did" by Robin Dearing at

"Live From California" from Keeping In Touch

Over the coming week, keep Five Star Friday in mind and remember to submit excellent weblog posts that you find, subscribe to keep up with future editions, and grab a button for your website to show off your being featured and/or to spread the word.

Thank you all, and have a fabulous week!

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