More With The Cats. I Can't Help Myself.

cats and kitten in relative harmony 1
This was the first instance in which Onion and Oskar,
the two adult males on the right, were able to get within striking range
of the new kitten without her attempting to hiss them to death.

cats and kitten in relative harmony 2

the new cat in our window
From her original starved state, she has already filled out a bit. It's a
relief, because when she first landed in our apartment, her hip bones stuck out.

Oskar's dirty foot
And this is the evidence of what is to come. One day the little runt will grow up like this Oskar here, and she'll shed kitty litter from dirty feet on our books, too. Ain't cats sweet.

50x365 #246: Jody F.

50x365 #245: James