Five Star Friday: Edition #7

There were thirty-seven submissions of good weblog entries for this week's Five Star Friday. THIRTY-SEVEN. My eyebrows are doing that lift thing that expresses my surprise and excitement. Enjoy, and fill your feed readers to overflowing with this week's bounty.

"Resentments" by Moonflower at RealMental

"35" from Derek Powazek

"Bureaucracy" from Defective Yeti

"One Hebrew Two Hebrew Red Hebrew Blue Hebrew" from Surviving Myself

"Earth To Zanxibor: We're Looking For An Administrative Assistant" from A Mandolyn And Ky

"FIOS Is Coming! FIOS Is Coming! Oops There It Went..." from Forks Off The Moment

"Oh. Hello." from Sanguine Spice

"Baby Got Book" from Brooklyn Arden

"i'm doin it rong" from Golfwidow's Ministry Of Silly Walks

"No, I'm Not Going To Commute This Way" from Additional Jesus

"Brain Cloud" from Is This Thing On?

"Get Naked" by ClizBiz at BlogHer

"Zoloft: Month 1" from Fiddley Gomme

"Not Going To Be A Linear Narrative" from Mocha Momma

"Tickle Trunk" from Yarn Harlot

"'So This Is Beauty's Finish. Like Rodin's "Belle Heaulmière"'" from Centre Of The Universe - The Dreaming

"Happiness" from Touch Touch Publishing Blog

"Super Nova" from Regarding at UrbanHonking

"When I Grow Up (A Random Anecdote)" from Somewhere On The Masthead

"The Story Of Joseph - Before The Boys" from Problem Girl

"Grace" from Psychicgeek

"Crunchy Fava Bean Cakes" from Melonfish

"'Ch' Is For The Best Superhero Ever" from A Daily Dose Of Zen Sarcasm!

"Travel: What You Bring Home" from Dustpan Alley

The pig's backstory: "Ask The IHoB: 'Hey... What's The Deal With The Pig?'" from International House Of Blogcakes
The pig goes to St. Louis: "Fernando's Last Night In The Lou" from Everything I Like Causes Cancer

"Sightings" from A Woman In A Window

"Terminal" from Say La Vee

"I Dinnae Think She Can Take Much More, Cap'n!" from Major Bedhead

"Mega-Ultra Survival Mode" from Chitlins & Camembert

"Remember Your Adolescence" from Perspire About The Little Things

"A Letter To My Younger Self" from Perksofbeingme

"I Moved A Loveseat" from Breed 'Em And Weep

"Jules Michael Birth Story" from The Feminist Breeder

"False Labor And The Like" from Posts From The Playground

"'How's Susan Doing?'" from Fat Cyclist

"Feeding The Machine" from The Cheeseblog

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