Five Star Friday: Edition #4

Twitter, my beloved Twitter, has been completely b0rked for a good part of the day, which in turn b0rks up Five Star Friday's works. Grrr. Every time that "500 Internal Server Error" message shows up, I feel like Twitter is giving me the finger.

Still, despite the fact that Twitter is a major part of the weblog entry submission process, you excellent people managed to ship over 37 weblog entries that you deemed worthy of being listed here on Five Star Friday. I do believe we did overcome.

Thanks once again to all you readers out there and to all the writers and the generous people who submitted links for this week's edition. You are all what we're here for.

  • "Last Monday" from Pickled Beef
  • "The Sculptress" from In Other Words
  • "The Rain Is Come" from Thinking Aloud
  • "We Go Trekking. And Survive. (Just)." from Toppsy Turvy
  • "Precious Brain Space: A Case Study In Anxiety. Or, How To Become A Nutbag In One Internal Monologue" from allconsuming
  • "Sometimes Wishes Need Helpers" from CityMama
  • "Memories Of A Full Life" from A Girl And Her Life
  • "Strychnine, Arsenic, Cyanide And Decaf" from Killing A Fly With A Ukulele Is Probably The Wrong Thing To Do
  • "Satan's Familiar" from Minnesota Matron
  • "Identity And Persona" from Radiate The Dance
  • "On The Condomness Of David Caruso" from In Palinode's Palace
  • "Mantis - Part One" from Touch Touch Publishing
  • "4.23.2008" from Unchanging Window
  • "4/25/08" from Lazy Lazer Pointer
  • "The Reason Why If I Win The Lotto You'll Never See My Face Again 'Round There Here Parts Again" from Milk-Induced Coma
  • "Scar Tissue" from Reality Testing
  • "Reject: 'Loud Burper' Is Just Two Words." from A Daily Dose Of Zen Sarcasm
  • "All Lit Up Again" from Thumbscrews
  • "Ain't No Use In Callin' Out My Name, Gal" from
  • "How To Think About Divorce In A Small-Town Supermarket" from Breed 'Em And Weep
  • "Sweet Dreams" from Oh, The Joys
  • "A Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Walkthrough For Concerned Parents" from Progressive Boink
  • "Macroeconomics, The Fuel Tax Holiday... AND YOU!" from Rantings Of A Creole Princess
  • "In Which We Are All Strepped Of Dignity" from Somewhere On The Masthead
  • "Strength Training" from Sundry Mourning
  • "We Live Inside The Choice We Made" from Ordinary Art
  • "The Feelings Of Morning" from Smiley Girl
  • "ToothFire And DamNation" from Mommas Tantrum
  • "Kids, If You're Not Good, Paul Revere Will Come Steal You In The Night" from Nancy Pearl Wannabe
  • "Dear Child: Don't Be A Hater" from Ninja Poodles
  • "Children" from Derfwad Manor"
  • "Aftermath" from Aurora
  • "The Worst Post I've Ever Written" from Finslippy
  • "Go Away Little Bidet" from Going Like Sixty
  • "Prêt-à-Porter" from Notes To Self
  • "Toilets, Triathlons and Tutus" from Peculiar Momma
  • "Losing Sight Of Love" from Mother May I

  • If you find your website mentioned in this list or want to help spread the word about Five Star Friday, feel free to grab a badge for your website. Also, remember to keep an eye out over the coming week for weblog entries that outdo themselves and submit a weblog entry for next week's edition. Don't be shy!

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