Five Star Friday: Edition #6

I can't believe that we have already arrived at the sixth edition of Five Star Friday. We're practically oldsters already!

I feel like I should be handing out merit badges to some of you people out there who send in such fabulous links, but I'm not going to, because, let's face it, most of us are too lazy to stitch them onto our coats. Instead, I'm going to get frisky with your Twitter messages while you get your blog on by reading the following submissions:

"Rice With Chicken Crap" from Bad Home Cooking

"Here Hair Here" from Whoopee

"Nine Reasons Why I Hate E.T." by Annalee Newitz at io9

"The Street Without Glove" from iwishicoulddescribeittoyoubetter.

"Run For Your Life!" from Psychicgeek

"Lethal And Young (At Heart)" from Fluid Pudding

"We're Back In The Will!" from Dooce

"Bulimia Style Confession - Watch Out For Splatter" from Anne Nahm

"(P)Oops, I Did It Again" from Hair Of The Blog

"Oh Mother" from I've Come Undone

"21st Century Vocabulary" from Chalk Dust Makes Me Sneeze

"How NOT To Fall Into The Mom Jeans Pit (And What A Scary Pit It Is!)" from That Cool Broad

"Adventures In Moving - Part I" from C Is For Christine

"Join The Movement For Study Abroad!" from Manitou Heights

"Mother's Day Coloring Pages That You Won't Find Anywhere Else" from Creative-Type Dad

"The Weirdness That Is Me" from Bohemiology

"The Sun Also Rises" from The Road To Wherever

"Awakenings" from Oh, The Joys

"This Is My 'Mommy Blog'" from Motherhood Uncensored

"You're The One" from Imaginary Binky

"Nigger" from Avitable

"From The Office Of Mis-directed Mail" from Ransom Note Typography

"The Legend Of Granny Grunt" from 15 Minute Lunch

"In Which I Am SO STYLIN'" from Badger Meets World

"To My Darling Husband" from Suburban Turmoil

"Inappropriate Hugging" from See Jayne Blog

"Lesbians And Straight Dude And Chick Questions" from Sterkworks

"Husband Needed, Please Apply Within" from Tales Of Whit And Charm

"Politics" from Whiskey In My Sippy Cup

"Desperate Measures" from Fat Cyclist

If you have come across, or do come across, any good weblog posts, please submit them for next week's Five Star Friday and send some extra traffic to a blogger you admire. You are the grease that keeps this wheel going, which means that you are very cool. It's true.

50x365 #238: Rachel

The 6th Edition Of Five Star Friday