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My Photography Tanks With My Inability To Operate A New Camera

I own this camera that I bought one-third off because the company was coming out with one that had more useless megapixels, and I needed something that was not as large as my Panasonic Lumix FZ20. This newish camera is an Olympus Stylus 790 SW, and to put it as nicely as I can, it is apparent that I have yet to master it, or, to be more honest, I take point-and-shoot photography to an all-new low that may cause headaches, nausea, and irritable bowels. For example:

bad photography bad photography
bad photography bad photography

So, (due to no fault of the camera), out of the one hundred or so photos that I took this weekend, I came out with five that had both decipherable subject matter and decent contrast, which makes the story of my weekend in photographs very short.

evening street
I went for a walk in the evening.
The city looked bleak.

sidewalk puddle
On this evening walk, I came across a puddle,
because it is spring, and puddles abound.

power building
Then I kept walking, because I was going somewhere.
Do I have to explain every obvious thing to you?

Now do you see? Holy crap.
Of course, there was a point to my walk. I was meeting friends.
Look, this is getting tired.
I have a life, so just assume I have a point already.

Gerald in a borrowed hatThis is my friend, G. He is in his eighties.
I need more cool friends in their eighties
if other eighty-year-olds are anything like Gerald.

thumb, maybe?
It became apparent that this hanging out with friends thing had gone too far
when I took this picture. What is it? It looks dirty.
I thought maybe I would not post it, but ha! There it is.

That was Friday night. The End.

I apologize if I seem irritable. I recently won a battle with building an IKEA desk, but winning also meant putting my neck out and finding that I have no good place to put it yet. So far, it has found a new calling as a cat perch.

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