Self-Pimpage (or Five Star Friday's Call For Submissions)

I am cross-posting the Five Star Friday call for submissions for its fourth edition, because I figure that the site is still early enough in its infancy to warrant the extra pimpage. Plus, it is my site, and I love it to pieces and want everyone else to love it to pieces, but only figuratively, because it's much nicer intact than floating around at the bottom of the computer screen like a deflated game of Tetris.

Do people still play Tetris? Or am I very, very old?

"Call For Submissions":

This is Wednesday? Really? That just seems nigh on impossible, but if that's what the my computer says, I'll roll with it.

Wednesday means that it is time for the call for submissions for the next edition of Five Star Friday. Not that submissions haven't already been rolling in, because they have, and there are some truly enjoyable posts being added to Friday's fourth edition for everyone to read in two days time, and by some, I mean TEN.

Five Star Friday wants more than ten. Five Star Friday wants FIFTY. (After fifty, my will dribbles out the ends of my numb fingers, never mind the bloodshot eyes, but seriously, I love doing this, because you are aces. That's right: YOU ARE ACES).

So, if you've read an awesome weblog entry this week, or ever, check out how to submit a weblog entry, and send in the url. It's good for your karma.

50x365 #222: Erin B.

You've Got 'Em, And I Want 'Em