Top Drawer Thursday

On Tuesday, I put out a call for superior weblog entries, because I needed a lift and always like to broaden my internet reading horizons. You people were generous with the links, as you can see from the list below.

I meant weblog entries, as in specific posts within weblogs, but I am just not that nitpicky, so when you mostly sent me links to entire weblogs, I figured I had no reason to complain. You will notice that I had to split them up into two separate lists, though. I simply could not throw the individual entries into bed with the entire weblogs. That would be, oh, I don't know, all incestuous or something. Or maybe just a little confusing. Or maybe I am the sort of person who cannot let her peas touch the gravy on her plate let alone be able to even handle the thought of jello, especially grape jello, touching lettuce without grimacing. Heaven forefend!

Top Drawer Weblog Entries

  • "Following Our Dreams All The Way Home" by Jen Lemen at Shutter Sisters
  • "Oh Easter Eggs, Oh Easter Eggs, How Lovely Are Thy Yolks" by Kim at Kimblahg
  • "The Fish Taco, And Other Delights" by Poppy Buxom at The Opiate Of The Masses
  • "Mid-Life Bloggers - We're Here!" by Jane at By Jane
  • "Baby Boo-Boo" by Sparkling Red at No More Casual Nonchalance
  • "El Sobrante" by Trudy at Knitters-Knitters
  • "Hollywud Connecshunz... I Haz Them!!!" by Jules at House Of Jules
  • "Gonzo The Kiwi" by Tintenfisch at The Inkspot
  • "How A Routine Trip To The Grocery Store Can Change The Way You Look At Yourself" by Kelly at Ordinary Art
  • Top Drawer Weblogs

  • Last Night's Dinner by Jennifer Hess
  • Eye Heart Internet by Sassy
  • by Rachel
  • Harold Loves Maude by Harold
  • The Touch Touch Publishing Blog by Juliet Small Ernst
  • 117 Hudson by Kizz
  • The Adventures Of Dot And Mae by Dot and Mae
  • Fannfare by Amy Fanning
  • Sweet | Salty by Kate
  • Dooce by Heather Armstrong
  • I Am Bossy by Bossy
  • Miss Doxie by Miss Doxie
  • The NonRunner's Blog by NonRunner
  • In It But Not Of It by Mike
  • Waiter Rant by ?
  • Kill The Goat by Jay
  • Moose In The Kitchen by Amber
  • High Five The First Date by Ninaluna99
  • Lisa B In Da City by Lisa
  • Cheap Healthy Good by Kris
  • Life Goes On, I Think by Paige Jennifer
  • So Very Alone by Harlan
  • Do Not Overmix by Salty and Pepper
  • Things I've Bought That I Love by various authors
  • Chickenbone Jones by Chickenbone Jones
  • Dances With Wool by Lene
  • by Ree
  • sweetened*taters by Loren
  • Breed 'Em And Weep by Jenn Mattern
  • So, I'm thinking of making this kind of a thing? Like maybe a once-a-week or a twice-a-month thing? But for specific weblog ENTRIES? Would you be interested in that? Let me know in that commentular fashion that all the kids are adopting these days.

    And now that I think of it, would it be better if this happened on Fridays? Because we are all lazy on Fridays, and while we are not writing, we could be doing fabulous reading instead. Are Fridays good for you?

    (If you are reading this in a feed reader, please click through to vote.)

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