Five Star Friday: Edition #3

Welcome to this week's edition of Five Star Friday! There are some truly excellent weblog entries in this collection, and they made all the coding that went into this edition worth the stiff knuckles and awkward typing that this semi-busted keyboard demands.

Read, enjoy, and spread the word!

  • "Animal Reincarnation" from SnakyPoet
  • "Well, That Was Fun" from Frog And Toad Are Still Friends
  • "Chickens" from Things I've Found In Pockets
  • "Rocking The Rock Chick" from Saviabella
  • "April 09, 2008" from Trevor's Blog
  • "Beginnings" from Better Now
  • "Battle Of The Beasts" from doodlemonkey
  • "From Mrs. Poppy Buxom" from The Opiate Of The Masses
  • "Panicked" from Julie Unplugged
  • "Lost In My Own Neighborhood" from My Fairbanks Life
  • "Love And Death" from Dancing Brave
  • "Exes And Friends And Irrevocable Links" from Better Now
  • "The Other Woman" by Robin Dearing from Haute Mamas at
  • "2008-04-02" from Mimi Smartypants
  • "Road To Rim Rock" by Lynn Lickers from Haute Mamas at
  • "Nogoodforme Superlatives: Longest-Running Rock-Star Crushes" from No Good For Me
  • "Songs Of Labour And Other Things I'm Not Supposed To Say" from
  • "Liberation" from Derfwad Manor
  • "I Only Have One Goal Today. To Make One Kid Like Me. Just One." from Long Story Short
  • "Are Obama Supporters Too Elitist?" from Citizen Of The Month
  • "Sex Ed Tool For Springtime Self Discovery" from Deb On The Rocks
  • "All About My Mother" from Whoopee
  • "Life And Death" from Creek Running North
  • "The Mars And Venus Of Parenthood" from Anglophile Football Fanatic
  • "Holding Intent: Part IV" from the series Holding Intent from Contemporary Textile Art
  • "Lies I've Told My 3 Year Old Recently" from Heading East
  • "The Dance" from Fly Turtle Fly.
  • "Bit of Free Verse That Popped Into My Head At Three O'Clock This Morning" from Defective Yeti
  • "My Twitter Rules" from Sterkworks
  • "Up To No Good" from Ambitions
  • "I Wrote And Shared This In Class Today" from The "Talented" Mr. Kennedy
  • "Eat, Pray, Hurl or 'Why I Hated The Book Eat, Pray, Love" from She Just Walks Around With It
  • "The Cards You Were Dealt" from Fighting The Tide
  • "The Crazy Chronicles, Part 19: Alone, Again" from the series The Crazy Chronicles from Boobs, Injuries, & Dr. Pepper
  • "John Cassavetes" from Touch Touch Publishing
  • "Bluebeard, II" from flamelikeme
  • "Furzzz" from MONCHACHA
  • "Skinny Bitch: Perverse Parenting" from Psychicgeek
  • "Oh The Tween Years Are Beginning" from Smiley Girl
  • "Money Is Not A Four Letter Word" from Cookiebitch
  • "King" from Jonniker

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