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A Public Service Announcement

Five Star FridayI just wanted to post a short reminder that I have started this new website called Five Star Friday, and that I am deeply in love with it, and that THE THIRD EDITION OF FIVE STAR FRIDAY IS COMING OUT TOMORROW.

I am giving you three things to do:

  • Go to Five Star Friday.
  • Submit a weblog entry that strikes you with its excellence.
  • Subscribe to Five Star Friday so you do not miss out on great web content each and every week.

  • You might not know it yet, but you love it, too, because it is all about sharing good web content without any competitive edge. It is like shooting kittens and rainbows out your butt, and even some unicorns, only their horns don't hurt, because it is all just so awesome.

    I speak only truth.

    This has been a public service announcement from your ever-loving Schmutzie.

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