Five Star Friday: Edition #2

Five Star Friday has found a home! So far, everything is working on this website but the links along the top. I am sure that those will function shortly once my domain host makes the proper connections.

I really want to thank everyone for making this as much fun as it is. You people? You people are brilliant.

And without further ado, here are the weblog entries that have been deemed superior and duly submitted by readers for readers:

  • "Deep Thoughts With Ken Jennings" from Ken Jennings
  • "Donation Derby" from Cat And Girl
  • "My Speech During Dad's Service" from furiousBlog
  • "Dangerous Toys: Dangerous? Or Just Toys?" from [redacted]
  • "Jealousy And Love" from Meanwhile...
  • "Haliaeetus Can Wait" from Exurbitude
  • "Wolf 2: Sexy Time USA" from Gar's Thought Hole
  • "Three Years" from Untangling Knots
  • "Silent And Still At The Center" from
  • "My Alias Is 'Beached Whale'" from Moose In The Kitchen
  • "Never Alone" from She Likes Purple
  • "What Lessons Do You Want To Leave Your Children?" from Wonderland
  • "Grammie's Coffin - The Backstory" from Psychicgeek
  • "Nominate Me For The Nobel Peace Prize" from Alex Year One
  • "New Desires" from The Happy Misfit
  • "Cheap At Half The Rice" from Shooting Crocodiles
  • "Ironwood" from Creek Running North
  • "Hold Me Now, It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry" from TurtleHead
  • "Safe Journey Lovelies" from Debutaunt
  • "Athlete's Face" from Playgroups Are No Place For Children
  • "Apologies Accepted" from Kevin Charnas
  • "In Brief: Music Hypotheticals" from Touch Touch Publishing
  • "In Brief: Relationship Hypothetical" from Touch Touch Publishing
  • "The Good Talkers" from Touch Touch Publishing
  • 50x365 #211: Jonathan S.

    An Engineer's Guide To Cats