Five Star Friday Is Getting A New Home And Is Hankering For Your Submissions

Five Star FridayAlright, folks. I have a mission, which means I am going to make gross assumptions about you and your level of commitment to this mission. My mission is this: Five Star Friday. And you? You want to participate, spread the word, and help make this celebration of good weblog writing a success.

I got so excited about it that I bought the domain name, I am building the website, and, if all goes as planned, which it never does, because this is the internet after all, it should be up sometime this evening at

My goal for Five Star Friday is for it to be a celebration of good content from weblogs across the internet. Whether it is funny, sad, thoughtful, or joyful, if you think a particular weblog post is a cut above the rest, I want to include it in Five Star Friday. All types of content are welcome, whether it be sports, poetry, photography, or catblogging. Even spinster aunts crave a little more fame.

There is a ton of good content out there that rarely gets out to breathe, because, let's face it, many of us could fit our fanbase into an elevator, and isn't it a shame to let all that genius slowly disappear down this vast hole of intertubes? I think it is.

How To Submit A Weblog Post To Five Star Friday

  • Find a weblog post that strikes you with its fabulosity. The post can be from any time, and it can either be yours or someone else’s.
  • Sign in or sign up to Twitter.
    (The reason I insist on using Twitter for communication is that, otherwise, my e-mail inbox would rear up, smack its greasy lips, and swallow me whole. We can't have that.)
  • Go to FiveStarFriday's Twitter page and click the "follow" button.
  • Click the "Home" link at the top of the page to go back to your Twitter page.
  • In the message box near the top of the screen, type @FiveStarFriday, and then a space, and then paste in the link to the weblog post you want me to highlight.
  • Click the "update" button.
  • Your submission is complete!
  • Also, I must clarify that I am looking for individual weblog post URLs only. If I am sent a link to an entire weblog and not a particular post within that weblog, I will not use it.

  • So, now I charge you all with the task of submitting excellent weblog content to me, pronto! You've got less than twenty-four hours. Go!

    And remember to keep an eye out for It's going to be spanky.

    Five Star Friday Is Getting A New Home And Is Hankering For Your Submissions

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