"7 Random/Weird Things About Me" Is The Meme That Never Ends

I was just tagged for a meme this evening, which reminded me that I was tagged for another meme about one month ago, so Paige Jennifer is just going to have to be patient while I do this other meme first.

Candid Yammering's Day Dreamer tagged me for a meme back in mid-March. It is another variation of what seems to be everybody's favourite meme, 7 Random/Weird Things About Me.

May I just say glory be to the meme during this time of The Great Cold Virus What Whoops The Ass and Renders One Vacuous. Until right now, I managed a revolving series of three thoughts today. The first was I'm hungry. The second was I'm thirsty. The third occurred every time my cat, Onion, rolled over to show me his stomach: I haz belly. Let me show you it.

Here goes.

7 Random/Weird Things About Me:

  1. If I let my chin whiskers grow out, I would grow two small locks on either side of my chin and look like a wizened sage.
  2. I often think of putting my hand in my stapler at work. I do not do it, because I gave in to that urge once in grade seven, and it hurt.
  3. Today, I have had the great fortune of sprouting a deep, painful zit on my right earlobe. Now I know that all things are possible.
  4. I know when I am coming down with the flu when I can smell the distinct scent of a swimming pool. Somehow, my brain has come to connect the flu virus with chlorine.
  5. I hate musicals. I always sit through the singing and dancing wishing that they would all just shut up already and get on with the story.
  6. I once made a giant chicken out of old hockey sticks, wire mesh, and papier mâché for no reason. It was terribly misshapen. It existed for less than a week before I dismantled it.
  7. When I was twenty-five, I became a bit obsessive about showering a lot, so I held experiments in multi-tasking while in the shower. One day, when I was drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, and reading a magazine through the clear shower curtain, it hit me that I might have a problem. Had my roommate not given me shit for smoking in the bathroom, who knows how far I might have taken it.
  8. Every time I try to remember a person's name lately, the name Warren pops into my head, as though anybody and everybody could be named Warren. I do not think I even know a Warren.

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