A Call For Superior Weblog Entries

Today is Tuesday. I am not a fan of Tuesdays. They fall right after Monday, which as a post-weekend reintroduction to beige cubicle life, does not create a great setup for the workweek. Tuesday is the day before Wednesday, which it pales near, because Wednesdays, being in the middle of the workweek, are able to see the hope that is at both ends of the beige cubicle life cycle.

Tuesday is like cold oatmeal gone lumpen like leftover breakfast.

But! See that? There is a bright But! here. You can all help with the suckitude that is Tuesday.

You see, I completely realize that I allow Tuesdays to be what they are for me. I slothfully roll back into the bowl of glutinous porridge and let it envelope me. It is disgusting behaviour for one who would be the master of her own path.

What I want is some really, really very good weblog reading material from the internets (that's you), because nothing lifts my spirits and my creativity quite like good writing. Please leave links in the comments to recent webly excellence. It can be your own entries that you are pimping out or those of others that you think should be read.

You will help me crawl out my Tuesday doldrums, and we can all share weblog entries like a reading circle gone amock.

Have at it! Give me your best finds. We can broaden our horizons and see what's out there. Plus, who doesn't love a little extra link love?

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