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Those Situationists Had It Going On

Aidan, R, and Honey Brown

Down with a world in which the guarantee that we will not die of starvation has been purchased with the guarantee that we will die of boredom (Situationist graffiti, 1967)

I came across this quote today, and

[Pause. Go ahead. Grab a coffee. Take a bathroom break. This goes on for about fifteen minutes.]

R and his beer

Obviously, I meant to write I came across this quote today, and IT ATE MY BRAIN. I should not be allowed to read quotes like that at a time of year when I am already fantasizing about doing things like taking up jazz flute, quitting my job, and making a living selling clothing and accessories made out of recycled neckties in a touristy hippie town on the west coast somewhere.

magic hour silhouette

I read those words and thought, Holy crap, that situationist was SO right. I need to go live in a one-room cabin in the woods, grow my own vegetables, buy a goat, and name it Daphne.

I do not really know what I would do with a goat, because I could never kill the thing. I guess I could milk it, but that whole tugging-on-another-animal's-nipples thing strikes me as kind of weird. Of course, I am a dairy-ingesting hypocrite. Maybe I could get the Palinode to do the milking while I build a windmill or something.

long-necked Aidan

My lack of starvation does not mean that I am dying of boredom, though, but it is true that I have to actively seek stimulation that satisfies me to stave it off. I find that we are bombarded with so much unnecessary stimulus through television, radio, the internet, print media, work environments, etcetera that we grow bored of the constant agitation.

I create messages to take charge of my place here, take back my stake in my own environment, fight media with media on the new plane, so to speak.

I guess I could still take up jazz flute and get a goat. Do goats like jazz flute?

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