Things I Have Found I Love Now That Spring Weather Has Become Apparent

yellow and orange flowers

1.  The absolute nakedness of pale women's legs that have been freshly shaved for spring skirts.

2.  Coins found around parking meters after the drifts of snow have melted away.

3.  Seeing weather-inappropriate clothing worn by people who have taken the first opportunity to show skin without fear of frostbite.

4.  Dirty gutters awash with the detritus of last autumn's leaves, cigarette butts, and worn bits of paper.

5.  Open windows.

6.  The pain in my eyes when I step from a building into sunlight, because the sun is finally high enough in the sky.

7.  Hearing water rushing through the grates at the curb.

8.  Tiny shots of green pushing through a crust of melting ice.

9.  The wet stamp my shoes leave on the cement after walking through a puddle.

10.  Feeling my hair grow hot on top of my head.

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