The 2007 Canadian Blog Awards

Third Place in the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards Best Photo/Art Blog categoryThis website placed as 3rd Best Photo/Art Blog in the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards! To be honest, I am a little surprised that I might be that funny, but then there is no accounting for people's tastes.

Not only that, but this website also placed as 4th Best Personal Blog and 5th Best Humour Blog.

And when I say this website, that includes all of you who read, comment, e-mail, and vote, making this place a delight for me to come to every day. Thank you.

Congratulations to the other award nominees! Take a few minutes and visit my fellow nominees in Best/Photo Art Blog (Casi en serio, Philogynist, Write About Here, and, Best Personal Blog (Raymi the Minx, And She Knits Too!,, and Don Mills Diva), and Best Humour Blog (Raymi the Minx (again), Mike's Bloggity Blog Blob, Nag on the Lake, and Mitchieville).

I am a participant in Blog 365.

50x365 #139: Sheryl B.

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