7 Random And/Or Weird Things About Me, Again

Back in mid-January, I was tagged by Vegan Mama to do another round of the 7 Random and/or Weird Things About Me meme, which I promptly threw into a document (so it would not be forgotten) and buried it in a file full of other documents (where it was forgotten). Oops.

The rules are as follows:

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  • 7 Random and/or Weird Things About Schmutzie

    1. I am eating a jagged fingernail right now, and it is disgusting. Pick, peel, chew, spit.

    2. When I am feeling particularly sharp pangs of anxiety when I am at home, I have taken to wearing a toque with ear flaps around the apartment. C'est très sexy.

    3. This morning, I grabbed a toothbrush to use as an eyelash separator when my mascara came out goopy. I usually keep an old one around for just this purpose, but I picked up the one I actually use to brush my teeth. I did not realize my error until I brushed my teeth with it later and my toothpaste came out grey.

    4. I love the taste of pomegranates, but I hate the little crunchy pits in the pods, so I rarely eat them. To fill in the blank space left by no pomegranates, I purchased pomegranate body wash so I could rub the red gel all over myself and smell like the fruit. Strangely, that does not fill the void.

    5. Occasionally, I put things in strange places for no particular reason and then have no recollection of ever having done it. For example, the Palinode and I were certain that I had lost my purse when we were out on a Friday night. We looked high and low for the entire weekend until I finally found it on Sunday afternoon. It was jambed very tightly into my night table drawer with my knitting. I could barely wedge it out of there. Then, yesterday, we could not find the remote controls for our television and DVD player. Apparently, I had tucked them in between the bedspread and the quilt in perfect alignment. Maybe I thought they looked cold.

    6. I always have scratches on my shoulders and upper back, because Oskar, our black cat, likes to perch up there and butt me in the back of the head while I put on makeup. I let him do it, because it is one of the few times when he seems completely happy.

    7. UPDATE: I completely skipped my seventh point. I don't even know what to say about my inability to count to seven.

    8. Apparently, I don't count so good.

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