Goodbye Purse, Hello Award

I heard the telephone ringing just as I was getting into the shower this morning, to which I thought Fuh. Kew., because the telephone is almost never a bearer of good news. The telephone brings people from India who try to convince me that I have won an all-expenses paid trip to Cuba if only I will let them steal my credit card number and French-Canadian girls who ask in broken english Please to imagine that you have our shopping card, and then there are those annoying calls made through Skype that garble the sound and cut me off just as I am beginning to understand who it is exactly that is calling me from Thailand, or was that Toronto? Plus, it was 6:30 a.m., and no one ever calls that early just to let you know that they are thinking of you.

After my shower, the telephone started ringing again, which made me feel obligated to find out what the horrible thing was that I obviously needed to know while I was dripping wet.

The horrible thing that I obviously needed to know while I was dripping wet was that my purse that I left in a taxi three weeks ago - the one with my wallet, all of my ID, and my recent offline writing - cannot be returned to me by the cab driver who had it, because the other guy who also drives his cab claims that it "went missing".

Good Cabbie, the one who put my purse in the trunk of the taxi three weeks ago, also told Bad Cabbie, the regular driver, to return it to me three weeks ago. The dispatcher told me that Bad Cabbie claimed to have dropped it off with me already one week ago. When I called the cab company to tell them that no purse had been returned to me, Good Cabbie told me that Bad Cabbie said it was stolen out of the trunk by a ride he gave to people with luggage. Bad Cabbie can bite my sweet patootie, because I think he-of-two-conflicting-liesstories kept my purse.

I cannot prove a damn thing, of course, so goodbye personal information and writing! I hope you have fun being used by someone who wants to assume my identity! Crap.

The whole purse theft revelation so early in the morning before I had even had a cup of coffee to sober me from sleep left me in a dark mood, so I cast about for some happiness, and guess what? I found it! It was hiding in a little document file with the title "Excellent".

Excellent Blog AwardBoth Jennifer from Open Book and Heidi from Ramblings thought to bestow the Excellent Blog Award upon me, which originated from Project Mommy. I may not have my practical black purse with all of my ID in it, but I keep a weblog that has been deemed E for Excellent by two of my colleagues. That's got to count for something.

I would like to pass this award on to a few weblogs that have stood out for me lately as places that I like to visit when I am trying to avoid the quajillion loads of laundry that I have to do:

Jen Lemen - She is thoughtful and warm and pretty and takes delicious photographs that make everyday sights look enchanted. She also makes good things that you should buy.

Counting Sheep - This woman is funny. Her dog is funny. She talks about bodily functions a lot, which always wins me over for some reason. If you like poop, it's the place to be.

Momster - Her weblog is simple, and her posts are usually headed by her latest Polariod photograph and followed by a short description or post. It's the simplicity that grabs me. It feels clean and easy, unlike our thirty, dirty, unmatched socks.

Swapatorium - Its tagline is "a journey through junkland", and that is what it is. I love it. I cannot get enough of old letters, photographs, and memorabilia, and Swapatorium helps feed my addiction without also helping me to hoard boxes of other people's papers behind my furniture like I used to do.

Stuff White People Like - Is this racist? Yes? Well, I am caucasian, so I get to laugh at it.

Thank you, Jennifer and Heidi!

I am a participant in Blog 365.

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