Keeping House

I have not done this thing known as housekeeping in a long time. I avoid it because it always makes me feel like a host who goes too far during the home tour before they serve supper.

Host: And this here is our bedroom. Do you like the drapes? We just bought them. Where are you going?

Guest: I thought you were going to show us the rest of the house.

Host: I will, but first take a look inside the closet. It has shelves and hangers and everything.

Guest: That's a lovely closet.

Host: Yes, and have you seen the hooks on the door?

Guest: They're very nice.

Host: Check out this doorknob. Notice the fine craftmanship.

Guest: Uh, yeah.

But I will dispense with the apologies and get down to keeping house.

I have buttons of the Palinode and me! Talk about my vanity all you like, but these are the only doodles I have ever made that actually look somewhat like the individuals they are meant to represent, I thought they deserved to be somewhere outside one of my little notebooks, and I could only order them in lots of one hundred. What was I going to do with one hundred buttons? You can get one of them for $2 or a pair of us for $3.50 at my Etsy shop.

I have also added four new photographs to my Etsy shop:

buffalo sculpture power building

pink cupcake 1 pink cupcake 2

There are a bunch of new blogroll participants in the Collection of Spectacles and the Cockroll (which is genitals-free, in case you were concerned about clicking on that link).

And then, on top of all that, I have added a page of free desktop wallpaper. I intend to keep adding to that in the future, so it may or may not be worth checking back on occasionally.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go shower and get all gussied up for the spectacle of flaming cheese at an upscale Greek restaurant with the fine Saviabella, Superstar, and the Palinode. What is better than cheese? Cheese on fire. And what is better than cheese on fire? Burnt cheese ready to eat. I always like the burnt cheese at the edges of a plate of nachos better than the nachos themselves.

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