Schmutzie's Top Ten Posts Of 2008

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It has somehow rushed up to the New Year already, and I swear that the last time I took notice it was August. As arbitrary as calendars and this annual celebration are, it only feels right to look back and take stock of what I've done and where I've been, and since I was navel deep in my own archives for hours this morning anyway, I thought it only practical to use some of that time to dig up ten of my favourite entries from 2008. These don't necessarily express my very best writing or ideas, but they are pieces that I go back to again and again in my mental library, and it was both entertaining and enlightening to read about things like my sad and short-lived telemarketing career, the time I nearly put my cousin into a coma, and how much I hate hayrides. I really hate hayrides.

So, reminisce with me here for a while, and then take care to raise a glass to the old and the new and not to fall down any stairs or accidentally kiss the wrong lips come midnight. That crap can be embarrassing.

Schmutzie's Top Ten Posts Of 2008 In Chronological Order

1. 1,000 Words About Things I Love

2. I Could Always Dream About The Seaspray Laundry

3. Discrete

4. Snowsuit Survival

5. Searching For The Underbelly

6. Swearing Can Change Your Life

7. Thus Spake The Palinode

8. A Picture Of A Man And His Gourd Goes Terribly Awry

9. Hayrides Are Dangerous And Harrowing Things That I Do Not Like

10. The Girl Who Came From Love

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