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I think that we can all relate to this beautiful Thanksgiving post.

GenderAnalyzer will guess whether the author of a weblog is male or female. It is 92% certain that I am female, which I am.

If you are a fan of good logo design, check out "The Ultimate List of The Best Logo Design Resources" at Just Creative Design.

Call in gay on December 10th.

Bacon cookies.

Chuck Klosterman reviewed Guns N' Roses new album, "Chinese Democracy".

"Haste, Scorned: Blogging at a Snail’s Pace" is one of the latest stories in the New York Times online that puts an article about blogging in the style section. I wish that they'd quit doing that already.

Fecal transplants!

"Infinity's Kitchen is a graphic literary journal featuring experimental writing and art. The publication is online and in print. We'd like to cook up a tasty mishmash of words, sounds and images, using whichever ingredients seem best."

This dog's Loony-Toons-esque love of snow lightened my spirit.

Fotie Photenhauer wants us to overcome our "initial hesitation" and get cooking with semen already. I don't think so, Fotie.

We might be welcoming back the woolly mammoth.

Do you like automatic clothes washing machines, dryers and dishwashers? Are you a collector of antique and vintage automatics? Do you like to do laundry and dishes? Automatic Washer has what you hanker for.

Enter you website url into Typealyzer and see what it says about you.

I'm not sure what it is with me lately, but I've got chickens on the brain. I just found out last night that my city's laws state that each home is allowed two chickens, which would completely rock my little world if I did not live in an apartment, so I will have to content myself with looking at pictures of them and dreaming about receiving boxes of baby chicks in the mail. And watching videos that showcase their incredibly stable heads:

Grace In Small Things: Part 10 of 365

Grace In Small Things: Part 9 of 365