Five Star Friday: Edition #34, The Return

FIVE STAR FRIDAYS ARE BACK! I am thrilled beyond measure. My self-imposed vacation since November 21st was much deserved and well enjoyed, and I thank each and every one of you who so patiently waited for the return of this twice-weekly listing of good weblog writing on the internet.

There are a whole helluva lot of submissions for Five Star Friday's return, so without further adieu, here are the 36 weblog posts that readers thought should be seen more often by more people:

"Innocence Lost" from The Max Files

"Q of the Day: Are You Drinking More Office Swill Instead of Coffee House Coffee?" by Autumn Sandeen at Pam's House Blend

"Above Ground, Please" from Roady Jane

"UPDATED: Robot Phone Made Me Look Stupid in Front of the Guy Who Invented Twitter" from The Bloggess

"Margaret (Age 6 Months), I Have Something to Tell You" from Monkey Disaster

"If They Mated..." from

"Chicken Number Five" from Plastic Alligator

"The State of Affairs" from Ruthless in the Suburbs

"Questions That I Have for the Secret Service" by Jon Friedman at 3 Quarks Daily

"Why Defend Freedom of Icky Speech?" from Neil Gaiman's Journal

"Lucky" from Soul Gardening

"Better Moment. Best Moments." from Darth Mommy

"That's What She (or He) Said" from Classic Times

"Does It Make It Doubly Sinful That I'm Stealing on a Sunday?" from The Art of Over-Thinking

"Five and Two-Thirds Cups of Salt" from Fussy

"Wednesday, Plus Frog Popping" from Zipbag of Bones

"The Year of the Rat" from ProlixFrolicks

"Mikado and Smoke" from Centre of the Universe - The Dreaming

"My Father's Son" from Sugarbutch Chronicles

"10 Abstract Masterpieces of Frost" by Linda McCormick at Environmental Graffiti

"A Tale of Two Dogs (Part I)" from Etcetera, Etcetera

"Talk to the Hand" by Coyote at ELgiN StreEt iRReguLars

"Seven Days of Sex" from The Urban Grind

"Centrum Wants Me to Die Young" from [redacted]

"For Those That Don't 'Get It'" from Irregularly Periodic Ruminations

"What's Not Difficult, What Is" from Breed 'Em and Weep

"Diagnosis: Idiot" from Amalah

"Life Is Very Precious..." from A Day in the Life of...

"What Teach India Taught Me" from Mind Bloggling

"Christmas Wishes" from The Kids Are Alright

"Silver Tuesday" from Secret Agent Josephine

"Like A Slow-Moving High School Reunion" from She Just Walks Around With It

"Avignon, Meal One " from Izzle Pfaff!

"Being Prepared: What Boy Scouts Wish They Knew" from Bitterly Books

"Gratitude in Third Person" from Sweet Juniper!

"Twenty-Four (Part I)" from Sweetney

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