Ten Fears, Mostly Unfounded

I am afraid:

  • of shaving my legs in the shower, because I am so blind without my glasses, which is part of the reason why I am so very woolly.

  • that I will step off the curb to cross the street in winter, fall down on an icy patch and out of the driver's view while they are checking the other way, and that they will drive over my prone body.

  • to climb the stepladder to change a lightbulb, because the last way I want to die is in some mundane household slip-and-fall.

  • of cooking while not wearing a bra, because I have had too many nipple-related kitchen accidents.

  • that when I microwave coffee in a mug, the liquid will leap over the edge and burn my hand, because I had a mug once that caused heated liquids to literally leap when first moved after microwaving.

  • to eat fish at somebody else's house, because it will likely be cooked, and cooked fish is suspicious for some reason.

  • of taking showers or baths or talking on the telephone while it is raining outside, because somehow, some way, the lightning will get at me and cook my brain.

  • that a cigarette lighter will explode while I am holding it and blow off all of my fingers.

  • to take two stairs at a time, because, seriously, that's just not a good idea.

  • of washing glass cups by hand, because it is like handling something that has the potential to turn into what equals a bunch of invisible, unwieldy knives.
  • And you?

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