Intrepid Tuesday: Edition #11

Holy crap! Intrepid Tuesdays and Five Star Fridays are back!

Yes, I have been on a self-imposed hiatus since November 21st, and, no, I did not leave any note to explain the temporary leave. Life can be wild and responsibilities can be overwhelming, but I have worked out the kinks, and we are back on the internets, shooting thru yr toobs.

I just couldn't stay away, truth be told.

I have culled the following eight weblog posts from the submissions that have come in over the last few weeks. Please to enjoy!

"Happy Birthday, SocialButterfly" from TurtleHead

"In Which She Second Guesses Herself" from ...The Almost Right Word

"The One That Almost Was Not" from Can't Remember Diddly!

"Can You Say What the Hell Did I Do Last Night?" from Traveling Circus

"More Than Red Ribbons" from Suburban Sweetheart

"Magic Monkey" from See Wilson Go

"Be Still My Heart" from The Scale Whisperer

"♫ ♫ PLAGUE! I’ma be sick forever!" from Cat Hair Tumbleweeds

If you've written good weblog content, take a moment to submit one of your own weblog entries for Intrepid Tuesday and show off your talent. If you read another person's weblog entry, and it's good enough to eat, submit it to Five Star Friday to be featured next Friday.

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We will all meet back here on Friday, yes? Yes!

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