I Link To Things So You Don't Have To

This baby pygmy hippopotamus is both disturbing and deeply snorgle-worthy.

Indulge in all the Harper's Index you can handle.

Darren Rowse's TwiTip has great tips for using Twitter, especially if you're a beginner.

"An Open Apology to Boomers Everywhere" made my heart swell, and I am not even an American.

Have I mentioned this live webcam of a box of shiba inu puppies? They are the happy maker.

I bet that there are at least 50 things you didn't know about Barack Obama.

If you find psychopaths as fascinating as I do, you'll find that John Seabrook's article in The New Yorker, "Suffering Souls: The Search for the Roots of Psychopathy", is a good read.

The poet Langston Hughes says it well with his poem "Let America Be America Again".

"On the outskirts of creation, unknown, unseen 'structures' are tugging on our universe like cosmic magnets, a controversial new study says."

Stu Rasmussen might be the first openly transgender mayor in the United States.

A Swiss researcher may have figured out how to recreate the unique sound of a Stradivarius violin by treating the wood of a replica instrument with mushrooms.

Thinking about changing the way you manscape your facial hair? Schick will help you find your new style.

It feels so strange to look at truly old photographs. These photographs of the Paris Exposition in 1900 pull at my gut with the fierce reality of time.

Trees can be freaking amazing.

Wow! Lobsters! Wow! Wow!

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