Five Star Friday: Edition #31

Before we get things rolling here, just let me congratulate all the Americans out there for bringing in that good man, Barack Obama. The man gives good speech:

And, it's Five Star Friday! The following nine posts were submitted by their generous admirers, so do leave comments after you read them to make their authors feel all famous and smart and stuff. Bloggers like that kind of thing. It's our gift to them

"The Creative Crunch - 2008" from Make Lard History

"What’s It’s Like Having The Scariest House In The Neighborhood" from Creative-Type Dad

"I May Not Be Patriotic..." from Ann Chihak Poff

"Post-Presidential Election: Need to Marry into Canada?" from No Ordinary Rollercoaster

"Another Selection from Our Collection of Terrifying Eisenhower-Era Children's Books" from Sweet Juniper!

"Searching for Big Bird" from 15 Minute Lunch

"The Haunting: Part 3 - The Reckoning" from No Guts, No Glory.

"Food for Thought" from Hello Gorgeous

and, due to peer pressure, I will break my unwritten rule that I not include my own links on this website and give you this:

"California's Proposition 8 Obfuscates the Real Issue at Hand in North America: The Separation of Church And State" from Schmutzie's Milkmoney or Not, Here I Come

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