Etsy Shops Run By People With Weblogs I've Read

I have once again been trolling through the immense land of Etsy where everything is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and perfect for Christmas, so I decided to highlight a couple of my friends' shops there as well as some other fabulous finds that I think you all should take a look at.

My friend with a website of a similar name has an Etsy shop called Abigail Road where she is selling her wares, including this checkered book bag.

And then, there is the lovely Leahpeah who has this chain and beaded necklace over at Leahpeah's Stuff.

Angelina does a bang-up job of vintage-looking aprons with this cocktail apron with a handkerchief hem at her shop, Dustpan Alley.

Amy Turn Sharp and her family sell these maple wood triangle baby teethers at Little Alouette.

This pink and blue striped sock zombie puppet comes to us via Underroos, which is stocked by Erin.

Knuckle Toes Shop, which is run by Knuckle Toes, brings us these orange squiggle earrings.

And I would be completely remiss if I did not mention my own Etsy shop here. I posted these sweet arm warmers today, and I believe they do rock.

I am doing all my Christmas on Etsy this year. It is full of unique gifts I can feel good about that probably won't give me melamine poisoning.

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