Open Call for Submissions

A new week is starting, and we are getting all geared up for the new rounds of Intrepid Tuesday and Five Star Friday. Are you a little fuzzy about what they are? Here is a quick run-down:

  • Intrepid Tuesday is a weekly collection of reader submitted links to their own weblog posts. It is a space for you to boldly show off your own good works.
  • Five Star Friday is a weekly collection of reader submitted links to other people's weblog posts. It is a space for us to generously celebrate the talent of other talented weblog writers across the internet.

  • This website is, for the most part, by you and for you. I just code and type and do the boring stuff. YOU, on the other hand, get to share and encourage by putting the spotlight on both your own writing and the writing of others. It's a seriously cool job, so if you have work of your own that you just have to show off or have read some excellent weblog entry by another writer, regardless of genre, sign in to Twitter and send me the specific entry's URL by starting your message with @FiveStarFriday. Also, let me know which collection it is for by including FSF or INTREPID TUESDAY in the message, so I know where it belongs. For more detailed instructions, check out our submission guidelines.

    Now go forth and share the wealth!