Five Star Friday: Edition #33

Five Star Friday's got 18 excellent posts for you this week. Read, love, comment.

"Thoughts" from Instantly Mama

"Meaningful Conversations with a Four Year Old" from Joy Unexpected

"How Babies Are Made" from Natalie Dee

"Poppies" from Saviabella

"Failure Emeritus" from Centre of the Universe - The Dreaming

"You Have to Be Better Than" from It's Katie, Everybody!

"Meanwhile, 5 Years Later in Massachusetts..." by Louise at Pam's House Blend

"Momento" from Organic Mutant

"Internet, I'm Craving Doritos" from Dooce

"How to Eat Your Asshole Children" from The Queen of Shake

"The Bucket List - Before There Was One" from ElderBlog

"There Are Worse Things Than 'I Hate You'" from Julie Pippert: Using My Words

"Public Schooling" from Wheels on the Bus

"Thank You for Your Offer to Help a Very Kind Offer I'm Sure Francesca" from 5 Ballerinas Named Moe

"Simon's Blog: In a Completely Different Universe..." from

"Soul Coaching Day 18: Being Present/Choosing Life - Breakthrough" from Starshyne Productions

"Thank You, My Son" from Darth Mommy

"Well, This Does Rhyme with Post" from Derfwad Manor

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