Seven Things On Etsy That You Will Love

It is well-known that I am a fan of Etsy, handmade items, and cutting out the middlemen. I have an Etsy shop of my own and am a frequent surfer through the website's thousands and thousands of pages of excellent goods. Last night, I came across seven things that you all must covet, because I have, um, really cool taste and shit.

I am definitely feeling these turkish pants from larimeloom.

This gorgeous coffee table by Michael Arras has wow written all over it. Its simplicity is stunning.

Green Grass Under Snow by Earth N Elements Pottery has the soothing nature of a river stone.

Splink! does the doll world good with Feargil P.

Nature's Elegance vinyl wall decals from Single Stone Studios might be just the treatment my apartment needs.

I am crushing on this hammered silver gypsy necklace by Walker Silverworks.

If you can resist this tiny sock monkey from These Lovely Hands, your heart is made of STONE.

Get shopping! It's less than a month-and-a-half until Christmas Day!

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